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I wish I could tell you what’s going on in my life. We’ve always agreed on the fact that girl friends are hard to find, especially how the majority of us are the catty jealous type. I wish that you knew how to keep secrets, because that is your biggest flaw. I believe in the fact that everyone has their flaws and to truely love someone is to look past these flaws and see that it’s those flaws that make a person. But this is a flaw I cannot look past in anyone. I know you’re a caring person, I know you often mean well but I also do know that you take joy in having the latest gossip, the latest drama about everyone. You can’t even keep the secrets of your closest friends and it’s not my place to point this out to them. All secrets will come out eventually. Karma is a bitch.
I wish you knew how much it bothers me that I can’t dish out my latest gossip to you. Stories about the people I meet, the experiences I’ve been having. Laughing and shit talking while getting our nails done. I wish I can point all this out to you, without having you end up being mad at me, but I can’t because you’re the overly sensitive type. I wish you well, I truely do, even if at the moment I’m extremely upset at you. I hope someday you’ll learn from these mistakes. I hope soon.


July 3, 2007. from me to you, June 2007, thoughts.

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