Dear vaGINA…

x (3:03:45 AM): I need to have a talk with my vag
x (3:03:48 AM): it’s going to go like this
x (3:03:59 AM): gina (that’s her name), you need to work something out
x (3:04:04 AM): I’m trying my best to be good to you
x (3:04:07 AM): but you’re not meeting me halfway here
x (3:04:23 AM): all I’m asking is for you to MAINTAIN A BALANCED PH LEVEL.
x (3:04:24 AM): IS THAT SO HARD?
x (3:04:25 AM): god.
x (3:04:28 AM): love, —
x (3:04:50 AM): ps. stop letting bacteria run amok.. I WILL COME DOWN THERE


July 26, 2007. chat, friends, humor.

One Comment

  1. mars replied:

    the ridiculous thing is – i know exactly who that is, and she showed me that letter too.

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