useless ramblings or better known as brain farts.

I didn’t catch more than a 30 minute nap last night. Couldn’t sleep after getting off the phone  so I caught up on some photoshopping fun and then decided to make a bracelet out of a bunch of colorful strings and yarns I bought a long time ago. While putting wax on the end of the bracelet, stupid me forgot how close my hair was to the candle. I have a recollection of thinking.. what is that zztttt sound and burning smell? YIKES. There goes a bit of my bangs… At around 7AM, decided it was finally time to head to bed, rolled around in bed. The last time I glanced at my clock, it said 7:20AM.

8AM. My alarm on my phone blares on and on waking me. The first waking thought, “why is it so cold in my room??” Still in a daze, I lie in bed listening to the pitter patter of the morning rain. Fuck. Work today. Shower, dress, run out the door. FREEZING. Boring day at work. Doodled endlessly on paper till my coworker came in at 10:30. He’s a fairly new coworker so we bonded over hazy days of drugs and alcohol, memories of Taiwan, surfing and snowboarding. Was originally going to throw out the doodle I made but coworker thought it was cool so he decided to take it with him. “It looks trippy” (words from a former pothead, ofcourse) Headed to the mall after. Nothing better to get myself in a better mood than throwing down money on more useless necessities of mine.

Now it’s 6:40PM. Still freezing. Not used to this hot and cold temperature these days. I think it’s time to pass out and end this brain fart.


August 21, 2007. August 2007, thoughts.


  1. j replied:

    I’m halfway to work at 8am lol

    – J

  2. theskinimin replied:

    Didn’t know you still kept up to date with my blog. Do you even still xanga? God. Xanga feels like such an ancient word.

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