Middle, middle.

I doubt that I will be posting much here from now on. Sometimes I like the anonymity of being able to blog about anything without having others that know me in real life ask and discuss about whatever I’ve posted. Although majority of my posts have been private, sometimes I would like to be able to make it public. I’m going through quite a change lately. Everything is looking up these days. Things that are falling into place.

I finally caved in the other day and created a tumblr. I don’t know why I never created one in the beginning considering how I love to find fun things online. It’s great. Addicting. Along with stumble and rss feeds.

A friend and I were brainstorming ideas once for a blog and we came upon the topic of the men that were in our lives and I have quite a number of amusing stories that I can share, so perhaps my future posts will be a mixture of that and other oddities. I’ll still be posting here from time to time. Just not as much as I used to. For now, I’ll be posting lot here.


August 27, 2007. August 2007, thoughts.

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