Can’t Open My Mouth.

才離開沒多久就開始 擔心今天的妳過得好不好
cai li kai mei duo jiu jiu kai shi dan xin jin tian de ni guo de hao bu hao
I’ve only left for a short while and already I start to worry about how you’re doing today

整個畫面是妳 想妳想的睡不著
zheng ge hua mian shi ni xiang ni xiang de shui bu zhao
My mind’s filled with you and as I think about you I can’t fall asleep

嘴嘟嘟那可愛的模樣 還有在妳身上香香的味道
zui du du na ke ai de mo yang hai you zai ni shen shang xiang xiang de wei dao
Your cute expression when you pout, and the fragrance of your body

我的快樂是妳 想妳想的都會笑
wo de kuai le shi ni xiang ni xiang de dou hui xiao
My happiness is you, as I think about you I always smile

mei you ni zai wo you duo nan ao
When you’re not here, it’s so hard for me to bear

mei you ni fan wo you duo fan nao
When I don’t have you to think about, I am so troubled

安靜的聽妳撒嬌 看妳睡著一直到老
an jing de ting ni sa jiao kan ni shui zhao yi zhi dao lao
Quietly listening to you whine, watching you sleep till we grow old

zheng ke xin xuan zai ban kong wo zhi neng gou yuan yuan kan zhao
My whole heart hangs in the air, I can only watch from afar

周杰倫 Jay Chou, 開不了口 Kai Bu Liao Kou Can’t Open My Mouth

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August 23, 2007. artist, lyrics. Leave a comment.

The world.

“we hoped for the best
and let go of the rest.
and our time couldn’t end
how tall did we stand
with the world in our hands?”

– Yellowcard, Shadows and Regrets

August 17, 2007. artist, August 2007, lyrics. 1 comment.


“Forget what we’re told….
Before we get too old.”

– Snow Patrol, Chasing Cars

August 10, 2007. August 2007, lyrics. Leave a comment.


“Scream my lungs out
And try to get to you.
And I know you can see right through me
So let me go”

– Yellowcard, Only One

August 2, 2007. lyrics. Leave a comment.


“The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You’re barely waking
And I’m tangled up in you”

– Howie Day, Collide

June 22, 2007. artist, June 2007, lyrics. Leave a comment.

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